Flexible infrastructure, scalable and interoperable


The Fortech Electric Gateway (FEG) manages the entire infrastructure of the EV recharge areas, from the wallbox to the outdoor payment terminal, from the mobile app to the issuing of electronic invoices.

The e4self infrastructure is highly flexible, allowing payments with a mobile app dedicated to one site or a retail network, recharge points activation from a web platform and payments by an outdoor terminal with credit and debit cards, without any user registration.

FEG is open to all the CPO (Charge Point Operator) and MSP through OCPI protocol, allowing freedom integration with third-party systems.

Depending on your needs, it’s possible to connect several recharge points, either wallboxes or AC/DC stations, optimising infrastructure costs.

Create the most suitable solution according to your needs!


For example, if you have an hotel you can choose to control one or more recharge points from a dedicated web platform. On the other hand, if your business has several recharge points (such as a parking area in a shopping centre) you can decide to provide your customers with a customised magstripe/chip card or app installing an outdoor terminal for self-payment with debit or credit cards.


Payments also with private, fuel and financial cards


Interoperable infrastructure using OCPP and OCPI protocols


The infrastructure of e4self allows connection to several recharge points on the market.


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